Because Iceland is one of the youngest countries on earth and the crust there is only a third of earth’s normal thickness, molten rock easily makes its way to the surface, along with superheated steam.  These elements produce the geysers, bubbling mud pools, volcanoes, steam vents, black sand beaches, basalt columns, and weird lava formations for which Iceland is well-known.  Steam, rushing water, and black sand beaches evoke strong feelings and suggest the supernatural beings that some say over half of Iceland’s population believes in. 

In this series, the mysterious and volatile features of Iceland become an inspiration leading me from the concrete to the unknown.

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Edith G. Clifford

Patricia Garrity

Suzanne Hanson

Wilson L. Hunt, Jr.

Martha Lazarus

Linda Rogers

Andrea Rosenthal

Gail Samuelson

Dianne J. Schaefer


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