Close to Home

Close To Home is an on-going portrait of my extended family. Like a growing number of families (over ten percent according to the latest census) my family is a multi-dimensional stew of religions, race and cultures. Like all families, relatives get older; life-changes occur; they interact with one another, bring new people to the mix, they love, they stop loving, they leave.

In the spirit of the flâneur, I photograph family members interacting with one another as I stand apart, seemingly invisible.  But my presence is there; my photographs are not just about the subject but about our relationship and my choices.

A goal for this series is that my family’s portrait will emerge through an accumulation of individual images made over time. In this way the photographs can be read like leaves in a book: a portrait where one image after another imprints a narrative.


   All images © by individual artists    All rights reserved


Edith G. Clifford

Patricia Garrity

Suzanne Hanson

Wilson L. Hunt, Jr.

Martha Lazarus

Linda Rogers

Andrea Rosenthal

Gail Samuelson

Dianne J. Schaefer


Karen Davis

Course Assistant

Meg Birnbaum