I am a mixed media artist who uses photography, word and image, collage and installation in my work. From 2002 to the present I have exhibited in several juried group shows at the Cambridge Art association, and in 2011, my series “The Books They Read” was included in “Books – Life Beyond Words” at the Bedford Free Library, curated by Astrid Reischwitz.

My work has appeared in eight Photography Atelier exhibitions and websites where my focus has been on relationships, family and legacy. My exhibits in 2012 are a photo collage project, “Time’s Arrow” and a mixed media installation, “The Quandary of Legacies.”

I studied photography at the New England School of Photography and the Photography Atelier at Radcliffe Seminars, Lesley Seminars and the Griffin Museum. I have also studied Word and Image, Fiction into Film, and participated in creative writing seminars with Anne Bernays, Cynthia Rich, Alex Theroux, Shaun O’Connell, Jane Rabb and Miriam Goodman.

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