Softly Lit

Photography is about light.

We are descended from people who, for thousands of years, saw only by natural light and firelight. I think candlelight somehow elicits our most basic responses. In our modern world, we are rarely in the dim light that I find relaxing, and yet revealing with its soft colors, outlines, and shadows.

Childhood memories of gathering shells, pebbles, leaves, and other natural objects from the local bay and nearby woods as the varying natural light illuminated the beauty of the objects, were magical to me and inform my photography. Still-lifes of Cézanne, with their dim lighting, draped fabrics, arranged natural objects, and contrasting shapes and colors have held important lessons for me as well.

This series emerges from my appreciation of both the natural objects I collect, and the softness of dim light, especially candlelight. Indoors, I surround myself with leaves, shells, rocks, and handicrafts made from natural materials – merging nature with man-made shelter. When I light candles, I feel I’m truly in my cave remembering something I have no words for.


Laura Wolfe

Alan Strassman

Christy Stadelmaier

Ellen Toby Slotnick

Dianne Schaefer

Alice Shafer

Andrea Rosenthal

Linda Rogers

Richard Perry

Jane Paradise

Trelawney Goodell

Anne Diamond McNevin

Diane Davies

Nan Collins

Bob Avakian


Karen Davis

Course Assistant

Meg Birnbaum



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