Sweet Role

I grew up with a love of baking, fashion, drama, and taking pictures. In this series of photographs, where my food plays a starring role in its own dramatic presentation, I get the chance to explore all of them. A big part of creating these photographs is the accessorizing of the food and the designing of the ‘set’ to create its ‘moment’. My approach to lighting, influenced by the Dutch Masters, features my star performer surrounded by the dark, emerging into the (spot)light. The surrounding areas are subtly lit, showing tonal variation and lending mystery to the ‘dark corners’.

I am drawn, in particular, to photographing pastry where for me, the simple beauty of a cupcake on a plate holds an allure all its own.


Laura Wolfe

Alan Strassman

Christy Stadelmaier

Ellen Toby Slotnick

Dianne Schaefer

Alice Shafer

Andrea Rosenthal

Linda Rogers

Richard Perry

Jane Paradise

Trelawney Goodell

Anne Diamond McNevin

Diane Davies

Nan Collins

Bob Avakian


Karen Davis

Course Assistant

Meg Birnbaum



Griffin Museum

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