A Season Between – New England’s Salt Marshes

After all the leaves have shed the colors of autumn, the golden glow of New England salt marshes rewards us with a season in between - a mellow, reflective season, where days grow short, the skies swirl wildly and only the tides remain constant.

The honey-colored salt hay patterns itself after the coming and going of the tides. The copper heads of the reeds stand tall and sway delicately in the breeze. The profligate bronze milkweed pod sends its seeds away on the same breeze – out of range of the salt marsh. The colors are all in harmony, broken only by the complement of the sky and its reflection in the water.

I am charmed, happy to reflect and wander with camera in hand to capture this landscape. Later I am amazed to see the dance of the complementary colors foreshadowing the barely perceptible tints and shades soon to come. Now I become aware of why I was able to use nature as inspiration so effortlessly in my work through the years. I observe in the photographs that nature’s textures appear to remain constant and outlines and forms are scale independent. One needs only to squint to see the whole in all of nature’s parts.


Laura Wolfe

Alan Strassman

Christy Stadelmaier

Ellen Toby Slotnick

Dianne Schaefer

Alice Shafer

Andrea Rosenthal

Linda Rogers

Richard Perry

Jane Paradise

Trelawney Goodell

Anne Diamond McNevin

Diane Davies

Nan Collins

Bob Avakian


Karen Davis

Course Assistant

Meg Birnbaum



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