In 1972 while in college studying architectural engineering and design I took a photography class as an art elective. All of my photography was street shooting in Manhattan, Brooklyn and my favorite location, Coney Island.  I became quite passionate about photography and even considered switching my major.

In 1973 my wife and I came to Martha’s Vineyard for the summer. We loved it here so much, we decided to stay and it has been home to us ever since.  I started doing carpentry and later opened my own construction company.  To this day I am still building custom homes as my occupation. The camera got put away except for shooting family and friends.

When you build things with your hands you create, you express yourself.  Over the years as my business grew my role became more and more a business manager. I felt the creative part of my life was fading.  So, I began using my camera a bit more, trying to find some balance.  

This year I attended a class in architectural photography with Brian Vanden Brink at the Maine Media Workshops and later in the summer, a workshop with Alan Rokach at Clark institute of Art.  Suddenly, I realized my passion for photography had been rekindled and with more intensity than ever. To keep up this momentum, I enrolled in the Photography Atelier at the Griffin Museum of Photography with Karen Davis. 

While I feel my photographic vision is still evolving, I seem lately to be drawn to the natural landscape and the idea of exploring night photography.  I have exhibited two of my photographs in a juried group show at Gallery Seven in Maynard and most recently, in the Photography Atelier exhibit at Griffin Museum. 

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