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Karen Davis is a photographer, book artist and teacher. She first co-taught Photography Atelier with Holly Smith Pedlosky, its creator, at Radcliffe Seminars, Harvard University.   In addition to Atelier, she collaborates with other artists to teach word and image art, art and memoir, photo-book self-publishing, creating your own website - all at Lesley University. For the Griffin Museum of Photography, she teaches "Marketing for Fine Arts Photographers." She is a coordinator of a lecture series in word and image sponsored by Lesley Seminars.

Karen’s work is featured at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art (MASS MoCA), the Houghton Rare Books Library, Harvard University, the Boston Drawing Project at Carroll and Sons Gallery and corporate and private collections in New York, Boston and Washington, DC.  Her recent series, "The McCann Family" was exhibited at the Griffin Museum in September 2008. She will be presenting new images from that portfolio at the Bromfield Gallery, Boston, in September, 2009.

Holly Smith Pedlosky is an artist-photographer who teaches photography, the history of photography, and digital imaging at the Lesley Seminars at Lesley University (formerly Radcliffe Seminars at Harvard University). At Radcliffe in 1997 she founded Photography Atelier, a workshop for emerging photographic artists. Holly and Karen Davis reinvented Photography Atelier in 2001, and they now teach it in alternate semesters at Lesley Seminars in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Holly has been teaching intensive photo workshops in Italy (in Venice, and on Lake Como) since 1985, and since 1993 she has been offering them through the International Center of Photography, based in New York City. Holly works with color slides and prints her work digitally; she has an international exhibition record. She has exhibited her work at galleries and museums in Boston, Chicago, Venice, Italy, and on Cape Cod, Massachusetts where she lives. Holly is the co-founder and co-director, with Neal Rantoul, of the Northeastern University Summer Program in Venice, Italy.

She has an MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where she studied with Generative Systems founder and artist Sonia Landy Sheridan.

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