As a musician, artist, and theologian, I am drawn to Light. The craft of fine art photography has given me an avenue by which I am able to enter into and celebrate the natural living world which surrounds me: the moods of light with its quiet places, its joy, music, drama, and challenge.

As long as I can remember light has been a beacon for me. It beckons, calms, nurtures, and makes a path into mystery. I desire to draw closer to the world of nature, and this leads me to experience the craft of traditional silver halide photography in unexpected ways.

As I capture the fullness of the spectrum of light on infrared film, I find that this film can reveal and create ethereal atmospheres, dream states, intuitions, and a sense of the idyllic.

The painterly infrared image with its soft, reflective mood emerges to meet me and light my imagination.




Designed by: Cristina Pujol
©2005 Nan Collins