The Placenta Series

These images are photographs of floating photographic emulsions, a process I invented in 1979, when I was working with scientists' scanning electron microscope negatives of marine life. I wanted to make photographs as wet, diaphanous, and buoyant as the sea creatures themselves.

I began to put other images onto these light-sensitive membranes: copy machine self-portraits, camera -made photographs, and ultra-sound microphone signals of blood rushing through the placenta of my unborn daughter's placenta.

The Placenta Series alludes to the origin-- in fluids--of all life on earth, to sexual energy, orgasm, conception, pregnancy, and birth. It also makes an analogy between photographic reproduction and the replication of living organisms by cloning.

In my work, I explore the meaning and possibilities of photography, both as a physical, analog tradition and as a digital, conceptual medium.

I gratefully acknowledge Dr. Susumu Honjo of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution for sharing his scanning electron microscope negatives with me.



Designed by: Cristina Pujol
©2005 Holly Smith Pedlosky