Artist Statement

I find the ordinary often extraordinary and this is the excitement that I hope to capture with my pictures. Mundane subjects can be magical in a fleeting light, and strong colors can evoke many emotions. An interesting angle, or an unexpected happening fixed on film can be savored at a later time and in a different place. I hope that these images recall for you a special feeling for the beautiful world in which we live.

Sea, Sky, and Sand
As a city dweller surrounded by the built environment, I sometimes need to refresh myself with the more basic stuff of life: just sea, sky, and sand. For me there is magic in these basic elements. Their beauty and timelessness jolt me into awareness of the intrinsic grandness of nature and my own insignificance. The changes in form I observe and photograph are often a mystery to me. And may they so remain. I don’t need to know the what of the sea’s movement, the why of the colors of the sky at dawn or dusk or the properties of the sand on the beach – I just want the wonder!