Marigold Randall
81 Beacon Street
Boston, MA 02108
Tel: 617.277.0264
Fax: 617.277.6371

The subject for my latest work is “The Faux Versus the Real.” I explore this idea in a series of color and black and white images taken in the Venetian Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas and in Venice during the celebration of Carnival.

Photography Study
Radcliffe Seminars, Cambridge, MA postgraduate study of photography, 1997-2001

International Center of Photography, NYC, portraiture, 2000
International Center of Photography, Lake Cuomo, Italy

Photography Atelier 2001, at Radcliffe Seminars, Cronkite Center, 2001.
Photography Atelier 2000, Radcliffe Seminars, Schlesinger Library,
Harvard University, 2000.
Joint Exhibit by artists from Saint Petersburg and Boston; The Boston Public Library, presented by the The Boston—Russia Cultural Alliance, 1999
“Images of China,” presented by the Massachusetts Horticultural Society,
Boston, 1998.