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Work was important to me because traditionally, like through high school, that was kind of the path I made for myself. It was just an expectation that you set up for yourself and you... I made it important to myself. My parents were like "oh, don't work as hard" but still everyone's like "oh, great report card, we're really psyched." Still, I feel like if I were happier and got a worse report card everyone would be like "oh that's great."
Senior year was such a stressful time. No one knew what the hell was going on next year. Except for my boyfriend who was like, "I'm going to McKinsey!" And I was like "great. This is not going to work out." As people started firming up plans it just hard. I really just had no idea what I wanted to do.
It was hard because we'd always had plans in the past. You know? Elementary school was going towards high school, high school was going towards college, college was going towards… like this nebulous Great Career. All of a sudden when you had to choose the nebulous Great Career and you had no idea what the hell it was going to be and you were just like "shit." I just remember thinking about it as: there's up until June 8th and then after June 8th there's just this black void. And I just have no idea what's going to go on then.