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Why did I decide to concentrate in math? Oh god. How come nobody talked me out of that? I didn't really know what I wanted to do and I was working on the assumption that you might as well be taking math as long as you understand it. I think my dad sort of talked me into that. It seemed like it was good mental discipline. And the math major isn't that many requirements. It doesn't amount to much more than just… taking a math class every term plus one related field a year.
And it was definitely fun to tell people I was majoring in math. They were so shocked. Sort of along the lines of Jay telling me "you don't seem very logical." I definitely don't think people expect women to be majoring in math and certainly not women who come across as ditzy as I do. But I think its slightly more complicated than that. It was partly the fact that I could major in math even though you wouldn't expect that I could. At the time I was pretty into… not necessarily school… but into being very good at school. Without doing any work at all. Math is one of the few things where you can just do really, really well with no work. As long as you're getting it its not that hard. And I think I particularly always experienced math like that. It was very yes or no. Either I got it or I didn't get it. If I didn't get it, it didn't matter how long I stared at it, I was never going to get it. Unless somebody else explained it to me. I think some people can break the problem apart, and plow through it a little bit more. That may just sort of be because of the math background I have. Its possible if I'd taken Math 25 I would have learned how to do that a little bit more.