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This expresses a lot about the way I've been feeling… the way I just feel sometimes this year. In terms of just, sometimes getting really sad when I stop and think about things. I don't know. This was actually a morning when I was getting really sad about a lot of things that I get really sad about. Like feeling like I'm completely alone. Even though I have tons of friends, that sometimes I'm still completely alone and there's nothing I can do about that. I remember… it might have been even this night… or it might have been this spring. We were all in May's room and the three of you were on her bed. And then I tried to get on but I fell out so I had to sit on the floor. I think you pushed me out. It made me… sort of think about the way that I felt. Sometimes I just felt like I wasn't as much a part of B-46 as everyone else was. Which I know doesn't make sense