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When I think of B-46 I always think of the fall. Which was just a lot of fun. It was fun because we were all getting to know each other. You guys were getting to be friends with May and I was getting to be friends with Rachel and it was just a lot of… high excitement. I just feel like excitement was running high. Energy running high.
We very quickly developed… sort of a collective memory. Like the first night when we'd gone out and sung on the bridge. When we went out we tended to have Epic Nights Outs. I always thought this was like the sailing team; people will talk about parties that happened like, four years ago, just because its so Epic. And it becomes sort of like a lore. You know? The stories are told over and over. The fact that there were already some really close friendships forced the whole thing into very close friendships. Right from the beginning, there was a sense but it was sort of a very intimate group, even though it wasn't like we all had close relationships with each other. I think maybe for that reason it was sort of important to very quickly form collective experiences. Or why we latched onto the experiences we did have.