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About the Photographer

Leslie Tuttle studied social documentary photography at Harvard University while completing her degree in Visual and Environmental Studies in 1972. For ten years she worked as a photojournalist and communications officer for development organizations in Third World countries. Through these assignments, she worked to portray the dignity and courage of the women she encountered there. This focus led to her recent photo book that explores the lives of Turkish/Kurdish women whom she got to know in the 1970's and revisited 30 years later. These images along with translated interviews were featured in a one-women show at Radcliffe's Schlesinger Library in 2003.

An interim career in not-for-profit management (MBA Boston University, 1986) and the raising of two children provided productive and joyful distractions from photography for over a decade. However, Leslie recently returned to photographic pursuits, including the training necessary to work in the digital darkroom. A recent show at Cape Cod Community College highlighted her photographs of women from Cuba and Zimbabwe. She is currently curating a 20th anniversary photo exhibit and book for Partners In Health of Mountains Beyond Mountains fame.

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