Harriet Noyes


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About the Photographer


Radcliffe College, BA in English, 1955
Yale College, MA in Teaching of English, 1956
Lesley College, MA in Counseling and Psychology, 1986


I was born in New Haven Connecticut in 1933, to Isabelle Hollister Tuttle, painter, and Henry Emerson Tuttle, artist and educator.  A picture taken of me at my eighth grade graduation party shows me with a Brownie camera around my neck, evidence that I had already begun taking pictures.

Until recently, photography has been an accompaniment to my life rather than a focus of it. When my children were little I was often watching them through the lens of a camera.  When my husband went rock-hounding, I would amuse myself by hunting for pictures to take in the surrounding area. Then I discovered the joys of working in the darkroom to further the creative process that had begun with  the click of the shutter. For a while I shot nothing but black and white, partly because I could easily make prints myself, and partly because I wanted the discipline of making a landscape visually interesting without color.

It wasn’t until my husband’s sabbaticals when I was up-rooted from my usual responsibilities that I could devote myself more fully to my photography. During the last such interruption in 2000, I learned to use Photoshop, and I was hooked. In my early life I always felt that I took pictures because I couldn’t draw or paint, and that photography was somehow a lesser art form. With the passage of time when photography has really come into its own, and with the amount of control which Photoshop can provide, I no longer feel creatively handicapped, and find photography consuming more and more of my time.

I had my first solo show at Friends Meeting at Cambridge in November and December of 2006. Before that my showing has consisted of photographs included in summer shows at Cambridge Friends Meeting, and in the yearly show “Images of Arlington” at the Arlington Center for the Arts.

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