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About the Work

When I grew up it was almost impossible to get some time and space just for myself.  Three or four of my eight siblings were usually living at home.  Our parents directed traffic and held the fort.  When I did get a patch of my own, it was heavenly.  I wrote poems, plays, painted and dreamed of my life as an artist.  

Now, I frequently awake in the early hours of the morning.  Sometimes at 3 am.  This time of day is precious to me.  "I own the world."  There are twinkling lights across Boston Harbor, some in random patterns, and some appearing blurry because my eyes are slow to focus.  It is quiet and there is nothing to disturb my thoughts.  Complete peace and extraordinary visual delight excites me.  The harbor lights meet the sunrise as the sky changes with fleeting jewel colors.  

I make photos to discover how the camera sees.  I want to capture the essence of the feelings I have about this first light.

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