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About the Work

An immediate response to oriental art and a love of horticulture came together for me >many years ago in the art of bonsai.  This interest has led me to an appreciation of  the Japanese aesthetic of wabi and sabi:  refinement, simplicity, austerity and restraint.  It has the quality of understatement  as well as a certain fatalism, often shown in the brief fragility of a beautiful flower or the quick passage of a season.

With the advent of digital photography, I’ve found a renewed excitement in recording the simplest elements of the natural world, showing the beautiful but unsentimental and implacable force of nature.  There is artful beauty even in death, be it recent (six months ago in the case of the oak leaves) or long past (550 million years ago in the case of the trilobite).  And there is fascination in the play of light in shadow or reflection.

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