Moira Barrett


About the work

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About the Work

What is a story?

What is time?

What is sequence?

My current work is comprised of photo image transfers. I first print the image using achival ink printed on vellum and then transfer it by hand, rubbing it with a wooden spatula onto fine paper.

Each image is a series of nine segments that are laid down one after the other.

As the images unfold, segment by segment, they reveal a moment in a story.

I have arranged each image in a sequence that tells a particular story for me, a story about searching for that elusive something that fills our dreams.

But every story is open to interpretation, and how the sequence of events is presented can alter the story’s meaning. Time is fluid and cannot be captured.

My interpretation is only one of an infinite number of ways to read these stories. You, the viewer, are encouraged to change the order to create a story that holds personal meaning for you. In this way, I as the artist, you as the viewer, and the images themselves, all are participants in a search for meaning.

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