Samara Hoyer-Winfield’s roots are from the Midwest, but her curiosity about how people live in other cultures led her to countries around the world.  Through her travels and study abroad in Europe, Latin America, and Africa, she photographed her surroundings as a way to capture her experiences and to share them with those at home. While traveling in Costa Rica she met a photographer who organized a project where children documented their environment with disposable cameras. The photographs these children took offered a fresh perspective on the world seen through their own eyes and voices.  Inspired by their perspective and content, Samara realized photography’s power to cross borders as a form of cultural education between children internationally.

During the spring of 2003 she went to West Africa to conduct her first field project called, “Dawn to Dusk”, where she gave students disposable cameras to document their daily routines.  She returned to the United States and used their photographs to educate American students about West Africa, which sparked their excitement to do the same project and exchange photographs.

Samara is currently studying for her Masters at Lesley University in the field of intercultural relations, education, and the arts.