Rust & Reality

Joyously influenced by Sesame Street’s Oscar the Grouch, Aaron Siskind, and Mr. Magoo, I photograph rust, peeling paint, and other forms of decay in an examination of the intertwining relationship of the contrived and the natural worlds.  Plants, mud, and algae are living things that contrast with manufactured surfaces and are agents of change themselves.  Looking at the strata these changes reveal, the viewer sees that there are layers of reality from the painted surface down to the inner core.

Also, color is important.  For me, blue represents large elements of nature, such as sea and sky, while red and pink connote love and passion.  Green implies renewal, and the elemental nature of iron is indicated by its brown or grey color.

I see the world in close-up, so my images are abstracts of subjects isolated from their surroundings.  My intent is that people will look at what is in the frame and see the power and beauty that are revealed by the ever-changing and transitory nature of life.An