Artist Biography

My current exhibition explores the idea of personal style. It draws on events at the MFA, Boston Public Library and the Goethe Institute.

Photography Study
Photography Atelier, Lesley Seminars,
Lesley University Cambridge, MA
Photography Atelier: postgraduate study of photography
Radcliffe Seminars, Radcliffe Institute of Advanced Study Harvard University

2003: Mirrors and Optics, a tribute to David Hockney’s Secret Knowledge
“Photography Atelier 2003” at Leslie University, Cambridge, MA
2002: A Tribute to Horst P. Horst
“Photography Atelier 2002” at Radcliffe Seminars, Cronkite Center
2001: Vegas, Venice and Vice
“Photography Atelier 2001” at Radcliffe Seminars, Cronkite Center
2000: Masks and True Identity
“Photography Atelier 2000” at Radcliffe Seminars, Cronkite Center
1999 A Tribute to Julia Margaret Cameron
The Boston Public Library. Joint Exhibit by artist from Saint Petersburg and Boston; presented by The Boston Russia Cultural Alliance.
1998 Images of China
Massachusetts Horticultural Society Boston.