Artist's Bio

Born in New York City
Living in rural Massachusetts since 1970
Profession: Retail and Marketing Executive; Entrepreneur, Artist
Passion: Word & Image Art

--New England Photography and Sculpture Show,
---Cambridge Art Association,Cambridge, MA, 2003
--Photography Atelier 2002, Schlesinger Library, Radcliffe College,
---Cambridge, MA 2002.

Recent Works
Artists’ Books
-- “Rock & Roll Volume 3 or Twist Again,”
-- “The Pranksters, Bonnie, Lana & George”
-- “Adultery”
-- “My Almost Life Among the Famous”
Word & Image Wall Art
“Fall Again,”
-- “Face of Adultery”
-- “Perspective”
-- “Learning”
-- “The Orchard”
-- “Absent Friends”
-- “Happy Birthday Baby”
-- “A Girl’s Progress”
-- “A Man at Home”
Cartoon Art
-- “Getting It On – On the Internet”
Archive Project
-- Restoration & archiving of a collection of 19th century
--- photographs & letters of the Hubbard family of
--- Jefferson County, New York
Projects in process:
--“Letters to Stephen” manuscript of 19th century letters
--- and photographs.
--“It’s Only a House – Leaving Lake Boon,” manuscript of
---stories and photographs about an eclectic lake community.
--“Coming to Terms,” a developing manuscript of poetry.
--”Gene Pool,” an installation

--Radcliffe Seminars @ Harvard University and
---Lesley Seminars, Lesley University
-------Word & Image Art with Miriam Goodman & Karen Davis
-------Photography Atelier, with Holly Smith Pedlosky & Karen Davis
--Writing and literature seminars with Anne Bernays,
---Cynthia Rich, Alex Theroux, Shaun O’Connell,
--- Jane Rabb, Miriam Goodman

--Art Students League, New York City
--Harvard University Extension School
--Harvard Semitic Museum Middle Eastern Studies
---with curator Dr. Carney Gavin