Landscapes and Portraits

“Landscapes and Portraits” was inspired in part by a musical piece "In a Lonely Place" by The George Russell Septet and by certain motifs commonly used by the surrealist painters. The work presents a world where familiar objects do not behave as they are supposed to, and while perhaps humorous and fanciful at times, the images float under the specter of inevitable demise.

In producing this body of work, one of my goals has been to use unpredictable and highly flawed forms to represent a real life eroticism that rebels against the notion of the perfect nude form and symmetry perpetuated by photographers like Edward Weston, Robert Mapplethorpe, Herb Ritts and many others.

The images are to function as landscapes and portraits simultaneously: landscapes in the sense that their larger than life presentation attempts to evoke the mystery of places like Easter Island or Stonehenge; portraits in the very way that each image represents a point in the arc of human experience.

When the body of work is presented in its entirety, the images are intentionally left untitled to allow the viewer to see whatever he/she wants in each image yet keep close to the emotional theme of the overall body of work.