Artist Biography

--University of Virginia, Master of Architecture
--Parsons School of Design, BFA Communication Design

--Lesley University, Photography Atelier
--Radcliffe Seminars, Photography
--Lesley College, Reggio Emilia Institute
--Harvard University, Landscape Architecture
--Institute for Architecture and Urban Studies

Donna Parrish is a visual artist. The theme of her artwork has been centered around the built environment in the form of drawings, models, landscapes, architectural designs and photographs. Her interest in the relationship between people and their surroundings has evolved most visibly through photography.

Her photography work began in art school as design research and focused on architecture and urban space in graduate school. During a semester abroad in Florence, Italy, she searched for and photographed Italian industrial towns. She has been employed in the fields of graphic design, construction management and architecture.

More recently, she has devoted her time to working and communicating ideas with school children, through art, writing, architecture and photography. She has photographed and composed a slide show for elementary school children, which highlights basic architectural tenets and promotes the view that the built world can be a source of pride in ourselves.

Photography is a medium that she has used to document the past, observe the present and envision the future in a visually evocative way.