Artist Statement

My curiosity for public space began when I acquired my first camera, a Minolta SRT101, in art school; one I still have and use. The public realm, the buildings and landscapes that are the city’s common space, compelled me later as an architecture student. People in the city, in the midst of its urbanism; observing, working, wandering, gathering, casually encountering others and finding solitude, drew my closest attention.

Environments, natural and man made, have a vital effect on the behavior, health, productivity and general well being of people. With this in mind, architecture and how it fulfills the psychological needs of people is a source of great interest to me. Cities nurture the innate humanity of people with places for gathering and for privacy; places for them to be participants and to be spectators.

The human body is an organism with a physical structure, as is architecture. People in an architectural space become an integral part of that space, giving it life and purpose. In a city, people live in a balance between its formal architectural elements and its social street life. It is this that I observe everyday as an artist, a teacher, a parent, a citizen and a photographer. The formal architecture of the city in combination with the interactions that take place there is the subject of my photographs.