Artist Biography

Deborah Page has been photographing since she was 8 years old.

She has a BA degree in Fine Arts and a Masters in Occupational Therapy. She has been painting with pastels and acrylics for many years. This is her first portfolio of fines arts photography.

In 1983 Deborah was stricken with an extremely painful and disabling muscular and ligamentous back injury which changed her life dramatically. To sit or stand for any length of time was, from that time forward, excruciatingly painful. The pain was so extreme that not only could she not think or see, but she would pass out.

Deborah had to carve out a completely new life, which was based on how she could be productive while lying down. As with most disabled people -the smallest achievements became important. If she could do volunteer work in a school or hospital as an occupational therapist for one hour, twice a week, this was huge, as it took tremendous energy. Deborah finished her Masters degree thesis lying on the floor since there was no way to sit comfortably.

A major breakthrough occurred when she tried a landscape painting class at DeCordova Museum School of Art and found that she could paint for a few hours while reclining in a small beach chair. At that time she had also read about Frida Kahlo the Mexican artist who painted lying in bed, as she too had a painful back injury. This was inspiring and Deborah began to get back to painting, using photography as a reference point for the paintings.

For fifteen years the medical community was not helpful and cruelly withheld the very medicine that would help her function. Hundreds of attempts at “traditional” and “nontraditional” treatments were ineffective. Finally, five years ago, she found a good and compassionate physician who prescribed effective pain medication for her. Now Deborah is finally enjoying a somewhat active and closer to “normal” life, with the chronic pain decreased by fifty to sixty percent. This medication regime allowed her to travel for the first time in years.

A two-week photography workshop trip to Italy to study with Holly Smith Pedlosky resulted in a renewed interest in photography.

Deborah Page lives with her family near Boston.