The work on display here was created during the last eight months. Most of these images evolved from having chosen Francesca Woodman as the artist to have a "conversation" with; an Atelier 2002 project.

Francesca died at an early age leaving behind a very personal, haunting and a bit disturbing body of work which touched me in many different ways. Because her work is so personal, every time I looked through books of her work I saw and felt something new. Francesca used her own naked body as model primarily and I was acutely aware that the work I was witnessing was the work of a woman in her early 20's. I wondered what kind of work Francesca might be doing if she had lived. What subject matter, what technology and technique? What perspective would she bring to her work if she was experiencing mid-life as I am?

So, I responded to her work by trying to tackle subject matter that is also personal and quite prevalent for me at this time; childlessness, physical aging, lost time and lost opportunities.