Doll Stories

All dolls have stories. Here are three from this portfolio.

Madeline (portfolio images 1 of 12 and 2 of 12):
Most of the time Madeline-the-Mannequin lives in our neighbor's backyard. I enticed her to my house for a short visit and she stayed for months. It all ended on a cold Halloween eve when her real family came by trick or treating. The mask didn't fool them. They recognized Madeline immediately and realized how much they had missed her. I returned her to our neighbor's backyard the next morning.

The McCann Family (portfolio image 4 of 12):
The McCanns, my sister's other reality, have been part of my extended family for over fifty years. I'm the little girl, Mother McCann's favorite. My sister is played by Tom McCann, a spunky boy who had polio as a child. (My sister is also disabled.) Father McCann who never got along with Tom finally understood his son when he lost a leg and became an amputee.

Miss Peanut (portfolio image 5 of 12):
Miss Peanut stumbled across the Art section of the Times as I read. Now she dreams of being presented as the First Prize Award at the Venice Biennale (instead of being the runner-up prize for near perfect attendance at Miss Burnett's School of Beginner Tap and Ballet.)

Some of dolls in this collection have pasts I do not know. Perhaps you can imagine a past for one. Please email me with its story.