For me, photography is an expression of the celebration of life. It is a compulsion. I love people – discovering what they are about – and am therefore drawn to portraiture.

The portraits in this portfolio include images of my artist friends and of my son and daughter in the 1970’s – when I first studied photography – and as adults today. The children’s portraits freeze a particular time in childhood, relying on facial expression and body posture to do so. The portraits of adults are environmental portraits, influenced by the works of Arnold Newman that I studied for a project at the Atelier this past year.

I am privileged to have old and new friends who permit me to photograph them in a very personal manner. I admire the invigorating, noble, and playful spirit of my artist friends. Their work is their play; their play is their work. I enjoy feeling the pulse of their soul when I am in their presence.

Through portraiture I want to communicate something special about each subject. Always I seek to express the heart, soul, and uniqueness of the person. In this pursuit, I spend time with my subjects in their homes, studios, or favorite places so that I might discover their passions and what makes them tick. Together, we select the place where I shoot the photographs.

The portrait of the basket weaver is an exception to this planned approach. Touring a medieval village in Bali, I was immediately captivated by the beauty of the weaver’s hands, body form, and total involvement with his craft.

With all of my portraits, when I click the shutter, I hope to catch a glimpse of who the subjects are at that moment in time.